Green Pass QR Code Reader – Support page

The quickest and most secure way to check the content of the European Green Pass QR. Does not require an internet connection and does not store, nor send away, any data.
With Green Pass QR Code Reader you can check the content of any European Green Pass QR: your own, the one of your loved ones, or your client’s, to provide a safe and no-worries environment in your business!

How do I install the app?

Just open the App Store or Google Play and install it! Nothing more. Easy and without strange permissions.
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How does the app work?

Follow the instruction on the screen, take a photo of the QR with your phone’s camera and voilà: we do the math for you and provide all the content in a human readable form.

Is my data safe?

We don’t store the data you scan: information is visible on you phone until the next scan and then forgot forever. No data is permanently saved on your phone, nor sent on the internet.

Do I require an internet connection?

No, this app, in his basic function, does not require an internet connection.

Hey, I need some help!

We did our best to develop and easy to use app and made our best efforts to keep everything as easy and transparent as possibile. But if you have any question, doubt or need more support, please feel free to contact us at:

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