Greenpass Save – Support page

With Greenpass Save you’ll find your QR code green pass in less than 5 seconds. You can save your greenpass and your loved one’s locally without sending anything online.

Hassle-free greenpass manager. You can save and view multiple passes, in total security (nothing leaves your phone) and in just a couple of seconds. Forget paper or endless search in the photos directory! You can even save more than one, in case you have multiple tests or want to keep your loved one’s GP conveniently in one place. Total compatibility with the European Green Pass format, so you can use it wherever you are in Europe. 

How do I install the app?

Just open the App Store or Google Play and install it! Nothing more. Easy and without strange permissions.
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How does the app work?

Follow the instruction on the screen, take a photo of the QR with your phone’s camera or load it from your photo gallery.

Is my data safe?

The data you scan or upload never leave your phone: information is visible only through your phone and within this app. We take privacy seriously.

Do I require an internet connection?

No, this app, in his basic function, does not require an internet connection.

Hey, I need some help!

We did our best to develop and easy to use app and made our best efforts to keep everything as easy and transparent as possibile. But if you have any question, doubt or need more support, please feel free to contact us at:

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